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Part I-II
From Palestine To Pakistan.
Amin Al-Husseini’s Vision of an Islamic Empire, Free of Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists Reaches Indian Subcontinent. 

Setting The Stage For The Creation Of An Exclusively Muslim State: Pakistan
A Little Background…



Part III
Pan-Islamic Vision
Implementation of Hindu and Buddhist Genocide
Four Million Deaths


Part IV
From Amin Al-Husseini To Osama Bin Laden
 Dr Ayman Al-Zahawiri And America’s War In Afghanistan





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Setting The Stage For The Creation Of An Exclusively Muslim State: Pakistan

A Little Background…




The Soul of Today’s Jihad

Wahhabism [i] is a radical form of Islam, founded by Mohammad Ibn Abdul Al-Wahhab from the 18th century, which claims that any teachings added to Islam after the tenth century are false. It envisions an Islamic empire led by holy men, with no other law than strict puritan Islamic law; thus the reference ‘Islamic fundamentalists’.  It opposes the concept of nationalism and borders as being un-Islamic.

 It justifies violent means to rid the ‘Muslim world’ against the non-Islamic element.  Wahhabism eventually developed a very strong anti-American and anti-Western message.

 It is generally rejected by the vast majority of the Muslim world.


  Muslim Brotherhood


The Root of Today’s Jihad

Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt by Hassan El Banna [ii] . It Came into being as Wahhabi radicals fled Saudi Arabia, after an unsuccessfull revolt, where they protested against the Saudi family’s business dealings with the West. The Wahhabi refugees regrouped within the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim brotherhood becomes the main vector [iii] for Wahhabi Islam (Islamic Fundamentalism) throughout the 20th and 21st century.  Amin Al-Husseini will use it as one of the main launching stations for his ideology of genocide and Islamic take-over.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother organization of today’s Egyptian Jihad Islami and Hamas. 

Jihad Islami (a.k.a. Islamic Jihad) is the organization that will radicalize Osama Bin Laden into becoming a central proponent of the Wahhabi Jihad against the West.

(see Muslim Brotherhood section  for greater detail.)  Read on.


Amin Al-Husseini

Lead Member of Muslim Brotherhood


Amin Al-Husseini becomes prominent member of Muslim Brotherhood. [iv]

He sees the Wahhabi concept of Islamic Jihad as a key tool to rally pan-Islamic support to further his agenda of ‘Jihad’ take-over.  The Muslim Brotherhood now becomes the main vector of hatred against the West and the Jews. The Arab World, which includes Palestine, must be free of any non-Islamic faith.  Therefore, Jews and Christians have no claim to any part of the Middle East or of the Arab World.


 Leader of Muslim Brotherhood

Palestinian Jihad

 Amin Al-Husseini is appointed leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem.   He continues to pit Palestinian Jew against Palestinian Muslim.  He preaches that Palestine is exclusively Muslim and vows to get rid of all its non-Muslims, despite the fact the Palestinian Jews, Christians and Muslims had lived peacefully side by side for centuries.  Muslim Brotherhood, in effect, becomes the voice of Nazism in the Arab World. [v] Refer to Amin Al Husseini Timeline for more detail on the voice of Nazism in the Arab World.

In 1945, Husseini co-creates and presides over Arab League. From 1922 to 1937, he heads the Supreme Islamic Council.  In 1931, he creates the World Islamic Congress.

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Amin Al-Husseini’s Pan-Islamic Vision Gains Indian Subcontinent

Implementation of Hindu and Buddhist Genocide

Four Million Deaths



 Creation of Pakistan

Amin Al-Husseini is by now a central figure in the Islamic world.  His message of genocide and Islamic take-over has been widely broadcasted. His ideology has been by now embraced by the Pakistani Muslim leaders, who now also call for Jihads etc

Pakistan separates from India on purely religious grounds of creating a Muslim state. 

 Muslims and Hindus had lived side-by-side in India since the creation of Islam (8th century)


Kashmir Dispute

30,000 Buddhists Killed

Local leaders, from Northern Indian province of Kashmir, refrain from joining either India or Pakistan. Pakistani army launches unprovoked attack on Kashmir, claiming that it is a Muslim state. Over thirty thousand (30,000) innocent civilians, mostly Buddhists, are killed.  Kashmir decides to join India. Pakistani onslaught countered by Indian army. Further Pakistani sponsored incursions lead to 1965 Indo-Pakistan War.  Region still disputed today. Islamic Fundamentalist groups spearhead Jihad against India.


Amin Al Husseini
President of Islamic World

Central Figure in new Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan: M.Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan's first Prime Minister, revives the World Islamic Congress (WIC) and places it at the center of Pakistani politics.
Karachi becomes the headquarters for the Mutamar (WIC). Amin Al Husseini remains the President of the WIC which he founded in 1931.

Ethnic genocide of Hindus by Pakistan will mark the second half of the 20th century (India, Kashmir, Bangladesh) under the spiritual leadership of Amin Al Husseini.

Click on imageAmin Al Husseini


 Ethnic cleansing of Non-Islamic Population

500,000 Hindus Killed

1950.  Islamic tensions rise in East Pakistan.

Thirteen million non-Muslims [vi] (Hindus, Buddhists and Christians) stay in East Pakistan after receiving guarantee of safety.

1951. Instant reign of terror in East Pakistan despite promises.

Eight million find refuge in India by 1971. 

500,000 Hindus murdered.

Organization of Islamic Conferences

Offshoot of World Islamic Congress

Amin Al Husseini
Continues to lead the Islamic World.

In 1969, the (OIC) Organization of Islamic Conferences
is founded and sets its headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is an offshoot of the World Islamic Congress founded by Amin Al Husseini in 1926. The First Secretary General (1971-1973) is H.R.H. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaysia. The OIC is made of 56 Islamic countries. It has been one of Islam's strongest political voices and has shaped the ideology of Pakistan and of the Muslim World until today

Click image - Amin Al Husseini


Creation Of  Bangladesh [vii]

3 MILLION Hindus Killed

War of Independence of East Pakistan  (renamed Bangladesh.)

Pakistani army (under Islamic dictator Tikka Khan) commits countless atrocities. Two hundred thousand non-Muslim minority women raped by Pakistani soldiers (many killed with bayonets placed between their legs.) Three million Hindus lose their life.

                  Pakistani WomenPakistani Women
Disfigured Bangladeshi Victims of Pakistani Jihad

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From Amin Al-Husseini to Osama Bin Laden

 Dr Ayman Al-Zahawiri  


The American War In Afghanistan:

Birth Place of Today’s Jihad

A Little Background…


 Jihad  Islami Founded by Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood

(Amin Al Husseini)

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Egyptian Jihad Islami group will become main recruiting force of Holy Warriors during Afghan War against the "Soviet atheist".   Group is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood [ix] , but preaches a more radical and violent approach to reaching pan-Islamic vision. (See Muslim Brotherhood Section)

Goal:     Spread Islamo-Nazi Jihad of Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Wahhabism throughout Arab World.

Al Zahawiri [x] is one of Osama Bin Laden’s main mentors and is currently his right-hand man.  He received his teachings from Hassan al-Turabi [xi] (Sudanese Genocide) of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Osama Bin Laden, a rich Saudi with knowledge of the West, is the main connection between the Jihad Islami and the CIA.


Pakistan at a Crossroad

Pakistani leadership comes under influence of Islamic Shiite Revolution from Iran and an increasingly strong Communist Soviet Union pressure.


Afghan War

Seed of Al Qaeda

Pakistan and Afghanistan

Center Stage for Cold War


CIA  / Mujahadeen 


Osama Bin Laden

Islamic Fundamentalist Groups Spring Up

Heroin Trade Rises

1979 CIA responds to regional anti-American threat [xii] .

It counters Communist and Shi’ite threat on the Afghan front by orchestrating a Sunni (Wahhabi [xiii] -based) Jihad.  Promises are made.

Pakistan becomes CIA-regional headquarters. The CIA puts General Zia Ul-Haq as leader of Pakistan.  General Zia sets up instant dictatorship in Pakistan.  Former President Zulfigar Ali Bhutto is hung by Zia under fabricated charges.

1981 Ronald Reagan sends multi-billion dollar packages to General Zia.

Thousands of Wahhabi indoctrination centers appear throughout Pakistan [xiv] and Afghanistan.  Saudi Arabia sponsors schools and propaganda.  CIA endorses Sunni Jihad.

Al Zahawiri of Egyptian Islamic Jihad (Muslim Brotherhood [xv] ) organizes recruitment of Mujahedeen with his disciple Osama Bin Laden [xvi]   

Thousands of young jobless Muslims are actively recruited throughout the planet to join the Mujahedeen, in a Jihad against the ‘Soviet Infidel’.     CIA makes incentive promises, guaranteeing financial reward and US-immigration privileges to Islamic recruits.  Mercenary brigades are formed from Jammu and Kashmir provinces of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Southern Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Xinjiang of China and North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya).   The Muslims of Chechnya, Dagestan and the Central Asian republics defect out of Soviet army and join the Mujahedeen.  All these will be recycled in Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

The ISI (Inter-Service-Intelligence) of Pakistan under the leadership of Zia joins the CIA in creating the Sunni extremist group Sipal-e-Sahaba of Pakistan (SSP).  Operation is funded by Pakistan, America, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Three additional radical Islamic groups are formed under Zia. Harkat-ul-Mujahedeen (HUM), Harkat-ul-Jihad-Al-Islami (HUJI), and Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) in 1980.  Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM), created in 2000, is an offshoot of HUM.

Kalishnikov and Heroin trade increase exponentially out of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Genocide of Kafir people takes place in Pakistan under local terror. Many forced conversions and ongoing humiliation.

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Birth of Al Qaeda

From the Soviet Infidel To The American Infidel:  The Road To September 11th, 2001


Afghan War  Ends

Bin Laden Turns Against CIA

Al Qaeda :

‘The Base’


The Soviets are defeated.  Defeat brings tremendous pride to Mujahedeen, which empowers vision of a global pan-Islamic Empire. American presence pulls out of region.  Local Afghanis accuse America of leaving devastated region without fulfilling promises made to Afghanis and Mujahedeen.

Osama Bin Laden is further radicalized by Al Zahawiri [xvii] of Egyptian Jihad Islami (Muslim Brotherhood).  He rejects and disassociates himself from the CIA. 

  The Al Qaeda (The Base) is created by Osama Bin Laden [xviii] in 1988: a strongly anti-American and anti-Israel network of ex-Mujahedeen.  The Al Qaeda follows the Wahhabi/Husseini belief and preaches that true Muslims should be involved in a daily armed struggle to rid the world of its non-Islamic element.



 Osama Bin Laden leaves Afghanistan for Saudi Arabia. Then continues on to Khartoum, Sudan.  He works with Al Zahawiri of Muslim Brotherhood.


Kashmir [xix] Revisited by Ex-Mujahedeen

1993. October. Harabat ul-Ansar  group (HUA) founded. Islamic militant group, which seeks Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. Based in Muzzafferabad, Pakistan. Led by Mawlana Saadatullah Khan. Armed struggle against the non-believer. Mujahedeen-based. Involved in attacks in Kashmir, Burma, Tajikistan, Bosnia and Hercegovina.


         Al Qaeda [xx]

International Organization

Bin Laden leaves Sudan under US pressure on Sudanese government. He returns to Pakistan and is transferred back to Afghanistan under the direct supervision of General Pervez Musharraf, then high ranking military figure. Osama Bin Laden gathers remaining Mujahedeen from the Afghan War. He rekindles connections with jihad mercenaries from Chechnya, Dagestan, Xinjiang of China, the Southern Philipines, North Africa and the Middle East.


Taliban Rule


Recognized Only By Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAR

September 1996.  Taliban army captures Kabul, Afghan capital. Taliban regime overthrows government of Burhan-Ul Din Rabani and establishes Islamic dictatorship.  Taliban military heavily supplied by Pakistani army. Women are stripped from any rights, other than Islam all religions  are persecuted. Eventually, the Taliban regime destroys the world’s oldest statues of Buddha. 

United Nations condemns Taliban regime for its repressive measures on women’s rights and its ongoing violations of human rights.

Taliban regime is only recognized by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and United Arab Republic.

Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda join forces

Bin Laden and Al Zahawiri Create

International Islamic Front For Jihad Against US and Israel


International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel [xxi]

  Osama Bin Laden with Al Zahawiri of Muslim Brotherhood create the International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel. (I.I.F). The I.I.F. becomes united front of Pan-Islamic Organizations and includes the HUM, HUJI, LET, JEM, SSP and the Abu Sayaf organization.

Osama Bin Laden now heads the International Islamic Front and the Al-Qaeda.


“Kill Americans”

Bin Laden Declares Jihad Against America

It becomes a virtue to kill Americans, wherever they are. Al Qaeda preaches that all ‘true Muslims’ should be involved in a daily armed struggle to rid the world of its non-Islamic element. War is waged on the Jews and the West.  95% of mosques in the United States in 2002 receive Wahhabi subsidies, even though  only 5% of Muslims in America are Wahhabis..

American government had remained silent until then because it was hopeful that a deal would be cut with the Taliban of Afghanistan toward the construction of oil and gas pipelines in Turkmanistan and Pakistan. The American Oil giant UNOCAL [xxii] was at the center of the negotiations. The deal ended when UNOCAL walked out.

September 11th 2001


Al Qaeda launches attack on America. Four commercial airliners used as suicide bombs. World Trade Center destroyed. Pentagon also attacked.  Fourth plane fails to hit target.  15 of 19 suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia.

3500 American civilians killed in Suicide Bombing.

Osama Bin Laden

States Allegiance to Ottoman Empire

In the Mufti’s Footsteps…

In his post-September 11th declaration to the world (October 7th 2001), Osama Bin Laden openly states his allegiance to the Ottoman Empire and its notion of Islamic take-over, thus drawing a direct connection with Amin Al-Husseini.  He states that his Jihad is in retaliation for ‘80 years of disgrace and humiliation’, which marks the humiliating defeat of the Ottoman Islamic Empire at the hands of the French and British in 1918 [xxiii] .  The year 1921 also marks the year that Amin Al Husseini was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (against the will of the people) and thus marks the conception of Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad.

War on Terrorism Declared

America goes after Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Global war on Al Qaeda network launched. On a televised transmission Osama addresses the world saying that this war has been going on for 80 years [xxiv] , a direct reference to Amin Al Husseini’s declaration of world Jihad, made in 1921. 


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Amin Al Husseini
  Amin Al Husseini







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